OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management

OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management

Are you eager to gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of business management? Look no further than the OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management. This comprehensive qualification is your ticket to success in the fast-paced realm of modern business.

The OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management is a qualification designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in various roles within the field of business management.

The diploma program typically involves a combination of taught modules, assignments, case studies, and projects designed to develop practical skills and knowledge relevant to contemporary business practices. Upon successful completion of the program, learners are equipped with the competencies needed to pursue a variety of careers in business management or progress to further education, such as a bachelor’s degree or professional qualifications.

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OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles and managerial positions in various industries.

Our curriculum is designed to incorporate real-world case studies, interactive projects, and hands-on activities. You won’t just memorize theories—you’ll apply them in practical scenarios, honing your problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities along the way.

The diploma delves into advanced topics in business management, covering areas such as strategic management, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and global business environment. Learners gain insights into complex business strategies and frameworks essential for navigating modern business challenges.

The OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to enhance their careers and excel in the field of business. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Advanced Knowledge and Skills: The diploma provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of advanced business management concepts and strategies. From strategic planning to financial management, marketing, and operations, graduates gain the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex business challenges effectively.
  2. Career Advancement: Holding a Level 6 Diploma in Business Management can significantly enhance career prospects. Graduates are equipped with the credentials and expertise sought after by employers in various industries, opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities and advancement possibilities.
  3. International Recognition: OTHM is a globally recognized awarding body, ensuring that the diploma holds credibility and validity worldwide. This international recognition enhances graduates’ employability both locally and internationally, allowing them to pursue opportunities in diverse geographical locations.
  4. Practical Application: The diploma emphasizes practical learning and real-world application of business management concepts. Through case studies, projects, and hands-on activities, learners develop practical skills that are directly transferable to the workplace, making them valuable assets to employers.
  5. Flexibility: The program offers flexible study options to accommodate learners’ schedules and preferences. Whether studying full-time or part-time, on-campus or online, individuals can tailor their learning experience to fit their lifestyle and commitments, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.
  6. Professional Development: In addition to technical knowledge, the diploma fosters the development of essential soft skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These skills are highly valued in today’s business environment and contribute to graduates’ overall professional development.
  7. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: For aspiring entrepreneurs, the diploma provides valuable insights into entrepreneurship and innovation. Graduates learn how to identify business opportunities, develop viable business plans, and navigate the complexities of starting and growing a successful venture.
  8. Networking Opportunities: During the program, learners have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, guest speakers, and fellow students, expanding their professional network. These connections can lead to mentorship opportunities, job referrals, and collaborations in the future.

Mandatory Units

  • Leadership and People Management (20 credits)
  • Business Research Project (20 credits)
  • Operations Management (20 credits)
  • Financial Decision Making (20 credits)
  • Sustainable Business Practices (20 credits)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (20 credits)


  • Understand theories of leadership and people management.
  • Be able to assess ways improve motivation and performance by applying leadership skills.
  • Be able to plan and carry out assessment of individual work performance and development.
  • Be able to analyse team dynamics and its importance in achieving organisational goals.


  • Be able to propose a research project in a business and management context.
  • Be able to prepare a research plan and conduct a literature review.
  • Be able to carry out research according to the chosen research specification.
  • Be able to evaluate research and present results and conclusion.


  • Understand the nature and importance of operations management.
  • Be able to evaluate the link between operations management and strategic planning.
  • Be able to assess how to organise a typical production process.
  • Be able to apply relevant techniques to the productian of an operational plan for an organisation.


  • Understand the role of financial information and financial analysis in business risk assessment and decisionmaking.
  • Understand how financial statements and their structure aid business decision making.
  • Be able to perform effective capital expenditure appraisal using range of techniques.
  • Be able to evaluate how different ownership structures impact on financial performance.


  • Understand the global sustainability agenda.
  • Understand the concept of the sustainable business organisation.
  • Be able to review sustainable strategic business planning.


  • Understand the role and importance of human resource management in achieving organisational effectiveness.
  • Understand the formulation and implementation of human resource strategies.
  • Be able to critically analyse the use and application of a range of HR strategies designed to improve employee and organisational performance.
  • Be able to critically evaluate various key perspectives within Strategic Human Resource Management.

The OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management is suitable for:

  1. Recent graduates looking to kickstart their career in business management.
  2. Professionals seeking to advance their careers and take on leadership roles.
  3. Individuals aspiring to start their own business ventures.
  4. Those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in various aspects of business management.
  5. Career changers aiming to transition into the field of business management.
  6. Entrepreneurs seeking to gain a deeper understanding of business principles and strategies.
  7. Anyone interested in pursuing further education or professional qualifications in business management.
  8. Individuals seeking international recognition and credibility for their business management credentials.
  9. Those looking for flexible study options to accommodate their schedules and commitments.
  10. Anyone eager to develop practical skills and competencies essential for success in today’s business environment.
Course Overview

Course Level

Level 6

Course Units

6 mandatory Units


1200 hours


480 hours


6 to 12 Months

Awarding Body

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Yes, the OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management is recognized internationally. OTHM is an accredited awarding body, providing qualifications that are highly regarded by employers and educational institutions worldwide.

To enroll in the OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management qualification, learners must meet the following criteria:

  1. Possession of a relevant NQF/QCF/RQF Level 5 diploma or an equivalent recognized qualification.
  2. Mature learners aged over 21 with management experience should consult the delivery center regarding their experience before registering for the program.
  3. Learners must be at least 18 years old at the start of the course.
  4. English language proficiency is required. Learners from non-majority English-speaking countries must provide evidence of their competency in English.

Yes, institutions offering the course typically provide support and guidance to learners throughout their studies. This may include access to tutors, online resources, academic advising, and student support services.

Some institutions may offer opportunities for practical experience or internships as part of the course curriculum. This hands-on experience can be valuable for applying theoretical knowledge in real-world settings and building industry connections.

The OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, practical approach to learning, international recognition, and flexibility in study options, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking to advance their careers in business management.

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